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As we reach these peak weeks of the spread of COVID-19, we continue to observe by many a disregard for the 6’ social distancing guidelines. With no immediate cure, all we have in our control to help prevent the spread of this silent killer are washing our hands and simply maintaining a distance of 6’ from each other. While the responsible of us are honoring this, many are flagrantly not. Maybe they feel invulnerable … or what are the odds?

So, how can we get through to them so that more of us get through this time alive? We have a PSA idea.

We are inviting designers we admire for their visionary talent and respect for their social accountability to translate the following urgent call to action into a visual language that will cut through to the deniers, to the nonaccepters, to the misinformed, to the people in our parks and streets to Pennsylvania Avenue:

6 feet apart or

6 feet under.

It goes without saying that there is tremendous typographic opportunity in the parallel of the 6’s. There is also great visual storytelling to be created through illustration and imagery. All powerfully immediate, all undeniably cutting to the chase against this silent, rampant and aggressive killer that’s taken us off the streets, some forever.

We begin by inviting you to take this line and do your thing. Post your creation on your IG account and tag it to #powersofsix. Every day, we will post designers’ submissions, and they will live on our IG account page @_powersof6.

You will then continue the powers of 6 by inviting 6 designers you admire and respect to do the same. As the math becomes exponential within the design community, increasing awareness of the importance of social distancing, hopefully the math becomes less exponential within our larger communities—with each day having fewer test-positives and deaths.

How to Submit

Post your creation on your own IG account and tag it to #powersofsix. Once we post submissions, they will live on our IG account @_powersof6. Please also use the hashtags #sixfeetapartorsixfeetunder and #six_feet.


Please create your submission in either a square Instagram format or a 2x3 format should you desire to print a poster at a later time (Poster size 24”x36”).


We will continue to post submissions on a rolling basis and as long as we have your participation.


Invite 6 designers to participate by sending them to this website. Please ask that they respond as quickly as good design allows as time is of the essence as we approach peaks in the COVID-19 cycle. Each invited designer should, in turn, invite six more designers to contribute.


Share our account @_powersof6 and hashtags #powersofsix #sixfeetapartorsixfeetunder #sixfeet_apart with your social communities. This is how we can continue to grow the body of work, creating impact to help save lives.

Thank you in advance for your time, attention and consideration in making a difference while we can still make one.

Donna Speigel + Rick Valicenti